'Tour de Blue' Log:
Friday 10/1
Two Days to Wait...

NASA lost a $125 million dollar Martian space orbiter last week because Lockheed Martin submitted its calculations in English units, but NASA thought they were Metric. This makes me feel better about Mike's and my bicycle wheels. After taking them to be trued at a shop last week, they came back "dished", which means that the spokes on one side were not tightened to the same specification as the ones on the other side. My theory is that each side of the wheels was worked on by a different contractor, probably a lowest bidder. In any event, I think the bike shop was having a bad day. We each went to other bike shops which fixed our respective wheel problems. I told my other-bike-shop guy that he was my hero, which I'm sure scared him a little. It cost me $7 more than it had at the first bike shop. This I was happy to pay as it was obvious that he was not the lowest bidder.

Mike, Karyn and I shopped for food for the ride on Thursday night. It is frightening what one will eat when on an all-week ride. Y'all will no doubt find out about it soon enough.

Hans is over-excited; I can tell. He has sent me 10 e-mails a day for the last 5 days. His "cap lock" key seems to be stuck in the on position. I myself am still too wired to sleep the night through. But at least I have something to do with the spare time as I now have to empty my bladder every ten minutes. I think pregnancy must be like this. Somewhere you get to the point where you say, "Enough suspense already! Let's just do this thing!".

Injury Report:
Hans says that he will just grin and bear his plantar faciatis (tendonitis of the tendons extending from the heel to the ball of the foot on the bottom). Since I am close to getting it and don't want it, I have bought about 6 miles of athletic tape so I can wrap my foot arches every day for extra support. Unfortunately I don't know exactly how to tape them so I may just use the extra tape to wrap up Hans' mouth if he gets to complaining too much about his own feet. This will make me feel better.

Mike is still in great shape and injury free. We'll have to check him for steroids.


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