'Tour de Blue' Log:
Wednesday 10/13
Tour de Blue Awards!

Mega Biker Babe of Whom We Are Not Worthy Award:
Polly Dyer (right), 79, who undertook a 1400+ mile Alaska bike trip in 1949 along with her friend Dixie Woodburn, both on 3-speed Schwinns. We met Polly on Day 4. She wondered why we were sore already.

Most Dangerous Stunt Award:
To Russel of F-One Consulting, who loaned us his $400 digital camera for a whole week.

Rookie of the Year:
Wooly Bear Caterpillers, who came out of nowhere with some of the strongest performances of the week.

Best Director:

Best Producer:

Most Likely to Succeed:
The manufacturers of Power Gel

Most Likely to Relieve:

Career Contribution Award
Ziggy Piggy, who came out of retirement to prop up our sagging ratings during mid-week sweeps.

Most Accommodating Accommodations Award:
To Russell, Jeanne, and Robert S., who before and after the ride let Hans and Eric make themselves right at home and didn't even complain about the mess Hans' inflatable Godzilla left on the carpet.

Best Trail Mix Award:
Jeanne B., who made us the most marvelous home made trail mix for the trip.

Seer of the Year Award:
June B. of Massanutten Resort, who sent us 100 packets of Advil prior to the ride. We probably have 2 left.

People Who Had More to Do with Their Lives Than Follow Our Silly Exploits:
Multiple winners - Kibby C. and Mike B., who ran their first trail race at the Big South Fork Trail Run 10/9 (Kibby was Grand Masters Woman winner); Suzanne L., who biked the MS 150 for Leukemia - a round trip from Nashville, TN to Lynchburg, TN 10/2-10/3; Barb K., who biked the Bike Ride Across Tennessee (BRAT), a 400+ mile ride occuring the same week as our ride.

Best Come Back Award:
Karyn's mom, who had a 14 pound tumor removed this week and came through like it a champ!

Best Supporting Actor Award:
Everyone who followed us, wrote us, and posted pictures of "Chrome Alloy Magdon Man" next to their Dilbert calendars.

Best Special Effects:
Mike, who packed and unpacked the van every day with Houdini-like slight of hand.

Best Cinematography:
Mother Nature

Poise and Re-Appearance:
Karyn, cool under pressure, she even came back after we sent her on a wild chicken chase.

Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy:
Heather, who probably should have run away screaming, but who laughed at all our lame jokes, kept us supplied with Power Gel and even let Eric finish her steak dinner one evening.

Mountain Goat Award:
To the person who would eat anything - Eric, who not only ate his multiple entree's, but ate others' as well.

Strongest Overall Biker:
To the person whose smelly clothes Karyn complained about the most - Mike.

Miss Congeniality:
Hans, who smiled even when tied a tree or called a "30 year old industrial accident on wheels".

Triple Crown Award
Hans, who pulled a Hat Trick and fell over on his bike 3 times for no apparent reason.

People Who Most Embody the Spirit of the Tour de Blue:
Hans' MDA Camp kids.

People We'd Most Like to See Having Fun Next Time Around:
The people of easten North Carolina, who have endured heartbreaking flood damage and have a long way to go to clean up.

Yellow Shorts Winner:
To the person who came in last most often - the chicken. Turned out, when we looked at the instant replays, Hans managed to stay ahead of the chicken by a neck.

Tour Winner:
Karyn, who was the first one in every day of the tour.

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Polly Dyer - Mega Biker Babe