What Kinda Bikes are the Boyz Packin'?


Make & Model: Trek 2300
Frame Size: Big (one size bigger than most standard ones; made for my brother who is 6'3")
Frame Composition: Carbon composite - has a lot of strength and flexibility. Not as good as titanium, but also not as expensive. Besides, titanium wasn't really available when my brother bought the bike.
Hardware: Shimano 600 - an older setup. Seems very similar to the Shimano 105 that's available now.
Pedals: Look
Shoes: Performance (were cheaper, but really preferred the fit at the store in Chicago over many more expensive shoes)
Cranks: 175 mm. Bigger bikes get bigger cranks.
Wheels: Mavic
Tires: Performance 70 x 25 cc
Chainrings: dual (53 tooth & 39 tooth)
Cassette: 7 speed (from 13 to 26 teeth)
Accessories: Airstryke aerobars; Minkow wedge seat; Headlight; Vetta C-20 computer
Cost of bike: Approx. $1,200 many years ago
Age: about 10 years old
Approx. Mileage: Prob. 300 to 800 per year.
Changes made for trip: New cassette, new seat, new aerobars, new chain

Karyn's bike (Mike's secret weapon)

Make and model: Giant Perigee
Frame Size: small (real good for wife to ride)
Frame Composition: steel
Components: Exage 300 Derailleur
Cranks: 170 mm
Pedals: Performance Look style
Wheels: Araya
Tires: 700 x 25 cc
Accessories: profile aerobars
Cost of bike: won in drawing (approx. value $300 - had to report as income on my tax return that year too!)
Items changed: Put on new Look pedals
Components: Shimano gears
Chainrings: triple - 52 teeth, 42 teeth, & 30 teeth)
Cassette: 7 speed (13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, & 26)
Age:about 5 or 6 years. Acquired by being won in a drawing at a race! The equipment is nothing special since it is basically an entry level bike.
Note: the lowest combination, the 30 tooth gear in front and the 26 tooth gear in back is an unbelievable climber gear!


Frame: TREK 370 (alloy), size: uh... uh.. I don't friggin remember.. I think 19 inch
Hardware: Shimano
Wheels: ?
Tires: 700X25C
Pedals: Ritchey Clipless
Saddle: roll of Bounty, "the quicker-picker-upper"
Cranks: ?
Other: Trek clock, two water bottels, seat pack, frame pump, frame tool kit, rear pack holder
Chainrings: 53T, 40T
Original Cassette: 12-14-16-18-21-24-28T
Age: 5 years at least
Cost of bike: Approx 450.00
Mileage: approx. 2500
Items changed: my underwear, clipless pedals, added water bottle


Frame: 54 cm Raleigh Technium Frame (Aluminum frame w/Cro-Mo forks)
Hardware: Shimano 105 brakes, hubs & derailleurs (changed rear derailleur to Shimano Deore XT-GS to accomodate large cassette)
Wheels: basic Campagnolo wheels with Shimano 105 hubs
Tires: Michelin Hi-Lite Classic tires 700x23
Pedals: Look (on sale - very ugly color)
Saddle: Specialized Body Geometry Sport Saddle (with the "Minkow Wedge")
Cranks: 170mm
Other: Profile aerobars, lights, Cateye Astrale computer, Polar heart monitor
Chainrings: 53T, 42T
Original Cassette: 13-14-15-17-19-21-23T
New Cassette: 14-16-18-21-24-28-32T
Age: 4 years
Cost of bike: Approx. $550 when new
Mileage: what mileage?
Items changed: new cassette, new saddle, new rear derailleur, new chain
Note: I probably have the ugliest bike imaginable. But it makes me happy.

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