Day Three Elevation Profile

'Tour de Blue' Log:
Tuesday 10/5
Day 3 - Karyn's Side of the Day

What to say? Those who know me are probably thinking “I can’t believe she doesn’t know what to say!!!” So here goes.

We’ve gone a total of 209 miles. Today was a 73 miler. Beautiful weather. The sun is shining on all the tree colors; and it’s been great. I’ve already finished one book and am working on another. The mysteries are the thing.

Now about the BOYS!! That’s what they really are. I didn’t realize when I said I would be mothering them, I would be doing it. (1) “Gatorade Duty”. Filling the bottles and camelbacks. (2)“Room Duty”. Nothing is left behind at the motel. (3)The drive to the “Drop Off” point. Bikes are unloaded and food is put at strategic points for easy access at the “Pit Stops”.

Then it’s Map time. While Mike & I are checking for the next stop, Eric & Hans are doing what, you might ask? We haven’t figured it out yet. We think Eric is trying on all his new clothes while Hans is ensuring his rubber chicken stays on his bicycle. Mike has this cute (not that I’m prejudiced or anything) smirky (maybe Smurfy) grin as he watches these antics.

At the next meeting spot, things move along but as the day progresses - the men become “BABIES” (OOPS!!) BOYS!!! Then things start happening!! You wouldn’t believe how much food 3 men can eat during the past 3 days. They’ve gone through a case of RC Cola, 33 energy bars of various shapes and sizes, ½ bag of SAMS’s size Chex Mix, 1 loaf of bread, 2 “Mrs Grisham’s Chicken Salad, ½ can of Powered Gatorade, 12 king size Snicker’s Bars, 20 Snack size Hunts Pudding Cups, ½ bag SAM’s size Famous Amos Chocolate Chip cookies, 12 juice boxes and any other food item they can find. That’s not including the big breakfast or dinners that are consumed . Plus we had to make an emergency stop at Bikes & Touring in Boone, NC for Power Gel. There are plenty more tales to tell.

Stay tuned for the next installment. Maybe Eric will let me add more next time.


Quote of the day:
Karyn (referring to Hans) - "I keep wanting to call him Lance".

Eric - "Hah! Lance Armstrong!!?"

Karyn - "No! Lance Link, Secret Agent Chimp."
note: Lance Link was a TV series in the 70's

Injury Report:
Rubber chicken sustained an abrasion to its gullett while riding on Hans' rear bike rack. Karyn applied hydrogen peroxide.

Miles Traveled So Far:

Miles To Go:

Overall Miles Ahead/Behind:

Tomorrow's Yellow Shorts Holder:
(to todays last place finisher)
Hans (aka "Chicken Boy")

Highlight of the Day:
Linn Cove Viaduct
(a series of bridges that hang off the side of Grandfather Mountain)

Bummer of the Day:
maniacal butthead drivers around Boone, NC

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