Approximate Elevation Profile for the Blue Ridge Parkway

You ain't in Kansas anymore. There are two directions on the BRP - up and down. Look at NC Natural's Ultimate Mile-by-Mile Guide to keep up with points of interest along the parkway. Mike extrapolated data for our graphs from their elevation notations.

The National Parks Service Blue Ridge Parkway Home Page has parkway usage and cultural information.

The National Parks Service web site provides electronic maps online for all its parks in .PDF format (Adobe Acrobat). Or try the Blue Ridge Parkway Association page for maps in .JPG format.

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Day-by-Day Elevation Zooms

Mile 469 to Mile 380
Day 1. We start at Cherokee, NC at about 8:00AM and start with a 7 mile climb. Mile 431.4 (Richland Balsam) is the highest point on the parkway at 6050'. By the time we get to Asheville we will have done 9000+ feet of climbing. Ironically enough we end up at the same elevation we started at, around 2000'.

Mile 390 to Mile 310
Yipee! We start at 2000' and go right back up to over 5600', passing Mount Mitchell with its 33% grades (Mike wants to actually go up Mt. Mitchell but I don't know...), and ending near Grandfather Mountain.

Mile 320 to Mile 230
Over the Linn Cove Viaduct and past the intense metropolis of Boone, NC...

Mile 240 to Mile 150
The North Carolina/Virginia State line. We mostly get to meander around at 2500-3000' - but... hey, what's that little spike in there at the end?

Mile 160 to Mile 70
Roanoke, VA. Hans' old stomping grounds are in nearby Blacksburg. Go Hokies!! Now write and ask Hans what the heck a Hokie is. After the whole ride is over, we are coming back to Blacksburg to participate in a little ritual they call 'Oktoberfest'.

Mile 70 to Mile 0
Last day. Just to play around with us the Parkway dips down to 655', then zips back up to 3334' right before the end. No respect. We end at - you guessed it - 2000', right where we started out on Sunday. Kind of brings a tear to the eye...