Wild turkey gobbler showing off for turkey hens.   © 1999 Hugh Morton. Um... Hey, were we expecting company?

Since the original posting of the ďPreludeĒ page for Mike, Hans and Ericís Big Bike Adventure a healthy number of people have responded, saying that they intend to positively, categorically tune in to this little drama as it plays out. Such widespread interest was a little surprising - until I remembered Hansí talent for shameless mass promotion. Those of you who know Hans will appreciate this. Those who donít know Hans should appreciate that.

In any case, I am now in the position of having to strike up the bandwidth and deliver the goods online*. The truth is that we are all flying a little blind, this web page being no exception, so hang on. Who knows what'll happen...

Who is reading this page? One of the following types of people, I suppose:

     1) You donít really care who is biking the Blue Ridge Parkway.  You just want to 
          know how it is done.
2) You donít really care how one bikes the Blue Ridge Parkway. You just want to know why.
3) You donít really care how or why one would bike the Blue Ridge Parkway. In fact you are not even sure what it is. You just think that Mike, Hans and/or Eric have always seemed a little off; and this is good way to confirm it.

Sooo... with this in mind weíll proceed to cover the story from two points of view, one technical, one philosophical. The technical view should satisfy people in Group 1. The philosophical view should satisfy people in Group 2. People in Group 3 have likely already made up their minds and shouldn't need our help. We will post occasional essays, a daily log with pictures, as well as provide a guestbook so that yíall can laugh and cry with us. Just please do not :) while we are :( or :( while we are :).


*NOTE: This is not the first time that Hans has put me in this position. To those of you who have met Karl the Christmas Cockroach, it should be pointed out that I only intended that recording to be a little family fun for Christmas 1990. But since then Hansí bootlegging has stretched as far as the west coast. Karl has gotten rather antsy about royalties (little bug joke there) and expects to come out of retirement for the 2000 Christmas season with his band the Backlot Landfill Unisex Ecumenical Singers (BLUES) - as soon as he sues Hans for everything heís got in his refrigerator.