Karyn's Version - The Facts and Nothing but the Facts

So!!! You think you have the REAL story behind this trip. So far you have the technical issues with the gears and the elevation, etc. Now you'll hear the rest of the story.

You have heard of football "widow". I'm a running "widow" and until recently a biking "widow". When I first met Mike, I knew he ran and that was all (or so I thought). Dad made mention of this fact in the wedding ceremony and said I would have to be caring of Mike especially after his long runs/marathons. I get reminded of that quite frequently (plus it's on tape). I now have been educated on PR's, the "correct" distance of a marathon (plus all marathons are the same distance), 10K's, 5K's, etc. I never thought I'd sit in front of a TV actually watching men/women running and think it was interesting. I never thought I'd be getting up at the crack of dawn to go to a race especially when all you really want to do is turn back over and go to sleep.

Dad never mentioned bikes in the ceremony. I asked him about that the other day and with his wise all knowing eyes (Dad, that's what you told me to say, isn't it?), he said, "Karyn, what do you think?" That said plenty. That means I'm supposed to take care of Mike no matter what kind of sport he participates in.

So now we get to bikes and this trip. I'm now learning about shifting gears and using my chain rings. I've conquered grabbing your bottle, drinking, and putting it back all being done while riding a bike. (Who said you couldn't chew gum and rub your head at the same time while standing on one foot?) My next challenge (Mike reminded me of, Oh Joy!) is CLIPLESS PEDALS. Great!! Now I have to learn how to ride a bike again. I thought I already knew how, but NO!! we keep adding things to learn.

When I heard Mike and Eric talking about doing this trip, I volunteered to drive the sag vehicle. I already have experience doing this, since Mike and another friend biked the entire Nathez Trace (425+ - miles). I took plenty of books and listened to NPR radio. So once again, I plan to do the same thing. I've already stocked up on books from SAM's and will stock up at the library, plus I plan to enjoy nature's scenery. I will have food and drinks plus plenty of powdered Gatorade. For sure we'll be taking a medical kit containing PEROXIDE (Mike and Eric's favorite medical treatment), Neosporin, bandaids, asprin, massager, etc.

I will also have to "mother" them. I've already told them not to be so macho if any of the hills get to bothering them, they can always hitch a ride in the van. But being men, they will try to out do the other one and none will admit they need to ride. I'll be the one to make sure they get plenty to eat and tell where we will be spending nights. I guess that really is mothering them. Oh Joy!! Mothering a 50 year old, 37 year old and the baby (sorry, Hans but you are with this bunch).

So on your travels through the Blue Ridge Parkway beginning on Sunday, October 3 at Cherokee through Friday, October 8 ending at Waynsboro, should you meet or see a trio of bikers, (be careful around them) look ahead about 5-10 miles and you should see a van waiting on the side of the road with someone sitting in a camping chair reading a book, that's me.

Waiting for the "Three Amigos". No!!! No!! More like the "Three Stooges"


Editor's Note: Karyn's dad is the minister who performed Mike and Karyn's wedding ceremony.