'Tour de Blue' Epilogue:
Monday 10/25
Afterthoughts from Karyn ...

(Coming Up: "Where Are They Now", More Pics of the Parkway)

I'm sure after getting the technical and crazy wrapups, you'll be ready for the realistic version. One might ask, "so what was it like being in the Sag Vehicle for these bunch of nuts?". Actually I'd do it again in a heartbeat. It was so much fun. Until you do it, you don't really get a true feel for what one needs to do. Yes, it does get a little hectic in the morning and at night with loading or unloading vechicles. And it really is a job to make sure everybody is happy with food, clothes, or bicycle maintenance; however, the comradrie of being with people who enjoy doing the same thing far outweighs the "work" part.

Inside jokes, outrageous pranks, and happenings that you would only understand if you were there make a trip like this enjoyable. The fact that everybody could get along made the trip a blast. The van was fun to drive and listening to NPR radio or a station that carried dulcimer music made me really get into the mountain spirit. Pulling into the overlooks and taking pictures of views that a camera could not do justice to made me really appreciate this big and beautiful world that God made. The colors of the trees and the sheer magnitude of the moutains were awe inspiring and made you want to burst into "The hills are alive with the Sound of Music...." ( If I could sing, like Julie Andrews).

The scariest part of the trip (beside Thursday's misunderstanding!!!) was driving behind the last rider (usually Hans!!!) and not be able to see him or the others because the clouds/fog were so thick that I had to ride almost on top of the rubber chicken. The clouds would be literally rolling over the road. Then it was like the parting of the Red Sea and they would be gone. We were blessed that there were no major injuries (not "Barry White" colds or Hans cut finger), flat tires, or bike repairs. There could have been some bad accidents if the guys had not been careful in their long descents thru the treacherous fog or rain.

I actually finished three books on this trip. It was relaxing to go to an Parkway overlook and wait. The sun coming through the windows, feeling the breeze, and smelling the FRESH air could put you to sleep (which it did a coupla of times). I didn't feel scared any particular time. I would stay in the van with the doors locked because it was too cold to sit outside, just read and wait. What a relaxing vacation!!

The guys are planning their next trip.

Biking the Natchez Trace.

I plan to go.

Driving a van.

With a bag of library books.


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