This page was made by writing HTML from scratch using a wonderfully well made - and free - code editor called Arachnophilia. Word art was created with the TextArt feature of Word Perfect 7. Graphics were manipulated with a small but powerful shareware program called LViewPro (ver 1.9).

Pictures not specifically credited to us are either photographed by Hugh Morton and contained in the Grandfather Mountain Wallpaper Collection (once you have seen their wall paper, you can never go back to the old Windows "Straw Mat"), or courtesy of the National Park Service. Click on each picture to link to its source.

The notebook.gif background was unabashedly lifted from the "Technical How - To" page of the Manhattan Beach Grand Prix (a bike event) site. It is a very good technical page.

The little biker guys I also lifted from somewhere. I wish I could remember where. I supposed I will be sued now. It was originally one little biker guy, which I modified to three.

Graphs were produced with a another small, but powerful shareware program called GUIPlot.

Though this web site is now on a different server, during the ride it was hosted for free by Prohosting.Com who will also provide you with free web space/email (15 MB!).