'Tour de Blue' Log:
Saturday 10/2
Gatorade and Rubber Chickens...
"April 1st. This is the day on which we realize what we are the other 364."

Mark Twain

Imagine Clint Eastwood, Groucho Marx, Ron Howard and Florence Nightingale all going out on a boat for a "three hour tour". You will start to get a picture of what's going on here. It will be enlightening to see how four very independent people are all gonna work together. Up until now each of us has had their own mental picture of how this cruise will go. Tomorrow we all get to live it .

Today I discovered the Latin derivation of testosterone. It consists of "test", "Oster" (a popular maker of blenders), and "one". Thus testosterone means "one who would test his stamina by jumping into a moving blender". I have not been able to figure out the derivation of estrogen. It's just not obvious; and you can gain no clues by looking at it. We can deduce, however, that it probably means either "one who does not need to jump into a moving blender to test their stamina", or "one who turns off the blender".

So, last night I stopped by Mike and Karyn's with stuff for van loading. The bikes didn't fit into the van the way we'd expected. It wasn't suprising. This last week has not turned out right at all. It was supposed to be eat well, sleep right, drive to North Carolina and let all our great planning carry us through. Instead it was work too long, sleep too little, sometimes forget to eat, and suddenly have to run around gathering documentation to prove to a particular government agency that I did send the check and it was on time. Anyhow, at one point while at Mike and Karyn's I found myself expressing grave concern to Karyn about the relative availability of Gatorade versus water during the ride. Suddenly it occured to me, "why am I giving grief to a woman who will have her finger on the button of the blender?". Time to give up control and just ride.

It was a good decision. Today I met Hans and Heather in Blacksburg, VA. Heather is going to drive Hans' car back home from Cherokee, NC tomorrow. Hans, of course, is my little brother. When he was a kid my friend Bob and I actually tied Hans to a tree a couple times, then went off and left him. Hans has been getting back at me ever since. Today's plan was to drive from Blacksburg to Cherokee in time to watch some college football. To make a long story short, we just now got to Cherokee at 11:00PM - and Hans has just pulled a rubber chicken out of his bag. (Sigh) Time to give up control and just ride.

The good news of the day is that UT won, Virginia Tech won, Heather survived the drive with Hans and I; and Robert (pictured above) , the six year old son of Russell and Jean with whom Hans stayed last night, gave me a great tour of his bathroom, with a special lesson on toilet flushing technique that was worthy of the Discovery Channel!


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