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'Tour de Blue' Epilogue:
Monday 11/1/99
Picture Gallery #1...

(Coming Up: "Where Are They Now")

Day 1 - Starting Shenanigans

Day 1 - More Starting Shenanigans

Day 1 - Food

Day 1 - Our Sardine Can

Day 1 - Heather models with Godzilla

Mike and Hans in NC Mountains

North Carolina Mountains

Mike at Looking Glass Rock

Karyn and Unknown Assailant at Andy Giffith Homestead

Hans hogging the limelight

Eric looking for food

Karyn says, 'I have the car keys and don't y'all forget it!'

Juggling in Paradise

Rain Juggling

The start of Day 4

Day 2 - It's fixin' to pour...

Tanbark Ridge Overlook

Somewhere in the mist

Hans riding in the morning

Mike has lunch on the top of the world

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