The Linn Cove Viaduct on the Blue Ridge Parkway at Grandfather Mountain.    1999 Hugh Morton. How It All Got Started...

June 1999
It was a spontaneous, some say mad, idea - to bike the Blue Ridge Parkway.

"I've been thinking about biking the Blue Ridge Parkway," Mike said one June day.

"No way!" said Eric, "I've always wanted to bike on the Blue Ridge Parkway!" not realizing that Mike meant all 469.1 miles of the BRP "through the southern Appalachians of Virginia and North Carolina, linking Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountain National Parks along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains" , with 48,722 feet of cumulative climb and 27 tunnels.

"If you do it I'll do it," said Eric.

"I'll do it if you do it," said Mike.

"We'll need someone to pick on along the way," said Mike.

"No problem," replied Eric. "I'll get Hans to go."

"Sounds good," said Mike, totally unaware of what he had just consented to...