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On October 3rd of 1999 Mike, Hans and Eric whimsically set out to bike all 469.1 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway, from Cherokee, NC to Waynesboro, VA, through some of the tallest mountains on the east coast.

They thought they were pretty good for weekend biking hacks, but they were really flatlanders by Appalachian Mountain standards. No one had a clue what was truly about to happen over the next six days.

It took every day light hour, thousands and thousands of calories, a lot of humility in the face of Mother Nature, one new friend, one very dedicated spouse - and a rubber chicken - to finally get it done...

[Note: This is the web site as it evolved live during the ride in October 1999. Yup, live. We added log entries and pictures every blinkin' night... um, except for one night when I wimped out and let Karyn write the log, and another night when Hans was dead for tax purposes.

Hans actually built his own site, "Hans' Rather Unorthodox Alternative BRP Web Site" from scratch during the ride. It was his first venture into web page building. So, every night after dinner Hans and I crawled back to our room in a lactic acid stupor to edit and giggle until 1 or 2 AM. It was nuts! (It was, however, not drug induced nor drug assisted - er, except for Advil.) Parents, do not let your kids try this!

There is a plethora of background and resource material here if you have the time and a sense of humor. Otherwise just go straight for the log. You won't be disappointed.]

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Note regarding pictures: Most of the pictures on this site were taken during the trip. However, some were not. Any pictures not taken by us have been documented using 'alt text' (appears when the cursor is positioned on the picture itself).

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The Linn Cove Viaduct on the Blue Ridge Parkway at Grandfather Mountain.    1999 Hugh Morton.

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